January 4, 2016

Biking around Playa Del Carmen

Riding the dedicated bike lane on Avenida 10, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Before leaving for Playa Del Carmen, I came across a post online that reveals bike paths and a route to ride around PlayaCar. Since then I have discovered that many of the streets and avenues are suitable to ride.  Below is a map that provides a scenic and leisurely ride around the more upscale side of town:

cycling in Playa Del Carmen

Riding my bike around PlayaCar, Mexico

Upon arriving, it took about 3 weeks to get acclimatized to all the sights, sounds and happenings. It wasn't long until I can across a good used bike. I wasn't interested in purchasing a high end bike, just something reliable and safe to get around the city.
After looking around, I ended up with the typical Mexican cruiser - built to last and travel over all types of terrains. It is kind of like a quasi mountain bike, but with a fixed gear (one gear) and sports a beach cruiser frame and handle bar.

My Mexican ride! Fixed One Gear Beach Cruiser

The condition of the road downtown are generally good but there are many grates, potholes and uneven patches. I`ve come accustomed to my fixed one gear cruiser and peddling backwards to stop is no longer an issue. Sometimes it is tough to start in a the same gear but I hardly notice it now. If anything, I can say my endurance has improved considerably since I have been riding the one gear.

Where to ride? When I am downtown, Avenida 10 has a wide dedicated bike lane on the south side of the street that stretches 10 blocks from Av Benito Juarez (1st Street) to Av Constituyentes (between Av 18 & 20). 

Bike Riding, Cycling in Mexico
Bike lane about 10 blocks in length originating from
Av Benito Juarez (1st Street) to Av Constituyentes (between Av 18 & 20). 

bike riding, cycling in Playa Del Carmen
 Riding the Avenida 10 bike lane. Is wide enough to have bikes coming from both directions.
If you need to get around, Playa is bike friendly and riding around town is safe. If you are comfortable with riding in a city, then Playa is no different. Motorists respect cyclists, including the Taxi and bus drivers. If you are a beginner rider however, I recommend staying on the dedicated bike lanes which can be found in the rural areas and usually in the centre of the road. They are made of stone, short in length and are still in the expansion stage.  

Bike riding, cycling in Playa Del Carmen
Bike lane in rural area that expands 3 miles.

bike riding, cycling in Playa Del Carmen
Bike lines are for both directions and are found in the rural areas in Playa Del Carmen.

What does the Bible say about trusting in God....
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths."